As someone that is easily amused, this is seriously cool. Apparently Jeeps have hidden Easter eggs that most owners have no idea about. And just to clarify, "Easter eggs" are little hidden symbols.

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A friend of mine recently turned me on to the fact that I have had 3 Jeep models so far and never once mentioned my Easter eggs, ...and why? Well I had no idea they even existed. So I set off to do some research before combing over my 2021 Cherokee.

The New Discovery

Some may have already known about the little fact, but we can pretty much thank a TikTok by jackiefoster40 for brining it most recently to light.  The user discovered a spider hidden in his fuel tank and decided to share the Easter egg in a video. Now TikTok users have been looking over their jeeps to find their  Easter eggs hidden in their cars. Most of them posted jackiefoster40's original narration over their videos.

So When Did It All Start?

According to Motor Biscuit, in 2012, Jeep started putting Easter Eggs of their own into the Wrangler edition. Apparently Tesla has been doing it for year, so Jeep decided to get in on the fun. It appears the Easter eggs vary from model to model. From spiders in the gas tank, to little jeeps climbing a hill, there are a wide variety of whimsical Easter eggs and nods to the history of the Jeep brand to find. There is even a lizard like design peering out from under some windshield wiper bases on some models.

As for me, well I have found 3 so far. I have a little original jeep, known as a Willy back during World War II.

Photo: Lisa Marie


I have the Jeep grill symbol, one  Easter egg that pops up in many places on all the models, underneath the hood.

Photo: Lisa Marie


And the one I probably have looked at a million times, but never noticed, the "Since 1941" on the steering wheel. This pays homage to the year the Jeep as we know it started making its appearance.

Photo: Lisa Marie

So now it's your turn Jeep owners! How many Easter eggs can you find? Let the search begin.

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