On October 14, 1984, the Detroit Tigers won their last World Series, and I was there. The venue was old Tiger Stadium. It was rainy, but the electricity was in the air. My late friend David Debnar and I attended this crown jewel event. My ticket cost $75.00 and they were perfect seats. We sat in the second row in left/center field.

Dave and I arrived early to tailgate and check out the happenings. It was the roar in '84. I even feel to this day I was lucky to be at this historical event. The last time the Tigers had won a World Series was in 1968. Both my late parents and uncle and aunt attended that World Series in 1968. So it was fitting I would go to this iconic game.

The Tigers were playing the San Diego Padres. They were led by MSU’s Steve Garvey. San Diego had a great team. Garvey, Goose, Kennedy, Gwynn and managed by the late Dick Williams. But, it was another former Spartan, one Kirk Gibson, who stole the show with a dramatic home run off Hall of Famer Goose Gossage. Gossage told his manager he owned Gibson! But Gibby got the last laugh with a towering homer which helped close out series. That will be a bucket list for any human being attending a sporting event.

That was 1984, but now there aren't even sports because of the pandemic. Baseball should be back in the first week of July, though.

All I can say is I will never forget October 14, 1984. The Tigers were 35-5 to start the season, Morris a Hall of Famer threw a no-hitter against the White Sox and Hall of Famer Alan Trammell was the MVP of their World Series Championship. And I was there in 1984.

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