The Detroit Lions find themselves once again in a bad position. This team could have coasted to winning their division, but due to some awful losses they are struggling. For many years this franchise has stunk. Now, they have an opportunity to gain some ground on their division and it's the same old Lions can't win in the clutch.

Detroit is looking up at the Chicago Bears, a team they beat twice this year. The Green Bay Packers and Detroit split, but now their all-pro quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, is on the brink of coming back from an injury.

My point is this: The Lions have been a franchise for at least 50 years. Now they have a chance to win at least four more games so far and lost them. Thus, opening the door for the Bears and the Pack. I have already told you my opinion of the Lions head coach, Jim Schwartz. This team does have a strong nucleus of players. However, I question the leadership and the motivation. Well, I guess after this Monday night game versus the Baltimore Ravens, we will have a better idea of these Lions. They control their destiny.