Mack Brown is for now the head football coach for the Texas Longhorns. The situation is tumultuous to say the least.

There is an intense speculation that after another disappointing season, Mack Brown will be relieved of his duties. For almost twenty years, this man has guided the Longhorn football team. Under his guidance, Texas has won a B.C.S. Championship, and have produced NFL players with outstanding teams. Mack Brown is facing the strong possibility that he will be dismissed after the Alamo Bowl, the bowl Texas will play in.

If Brown is let go, the University of Texas will have an intense search, and the first place they will call is Alabama. That is where Nick Saben coaches, and has won two B.C.S. Championships with the Alabama Crimson Tide. My feelings are that Mack Brown is still Texas's head coach, let the man go out with class. In this day and age, big time college sports is cutthroat to the bone. In the long run, Mack Brown will be let go, and they want Nick Saben badly. If you don't believe this you out of touch with the hard cold facts of reality.