Remember about a week or so ago when that happened at a Tigers game?

Or when someone at this station (*cough cough* Brandon *cough cough*) thought the asinine thought that the young fan should throw the ball back?

And then how Detroit TV, and former Lansing, news reporter Jason Colthorp told us about the little boy's story, how he and his family live in Shanghai and were in town visiting family in Michigan?

Well, the story has one last touching and wonderful twist.

After sweeping the Tigers in Detroit, then being swept by the Boston Red Sox last weekend, the Oakland Athletics got back home on Monday to start a three game mid week set against division rival Texas. Ben Zobrist with the help of the Athletics social media department got together to do this.

It's always awesome to see professional athletes, no matter what colors they wear or where their loyalties lie, to pay homage and give the great fans of their game the respect they deserve. Especially after that screamer of a grand slam.

Kudos all around, maybe Oakland (25-37, 9.5 games back) will get some good karma out of this and try and turn their season around to compete in the AL West. Still a lot of baseball to go to see if that happens though.