1. Detroit Lions & Ndamukong Suh Put Contract Talks On Hold Until End of Season

The Lions and Ndamukong Suh are putting the contract talks on hold until the end of the season.  Suh, who is playing in his 5th season, is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year.  The former number 2 overall pick is set to make $22.5 million this season and his franchise tag would be $27 million next year.  Detroit Lions President Tom Lewand said that there are many options on the table in regards to Suh.  The Lions first preseason game is on August 9th at Ford Field against the Cleveland Browns.

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2. Tomas Tartar Signs Contract Extension

23-year-old Tomas Tartar, a bright spot in the Red Wings youth organization has signed a new contract. According to the report, Tartar will make about $2.75 million average over the three years.  He had 19 goals and 39 points in his first full season with the Red Wings as he has played with the Griffins during the previous years.

3. 76ers Interested In Filling Love's Spot In Minnesota

The 76ers are interested in filling Kevin Love's spot in Minnesota.  If a trade happens, Cleveland would not be able to fill all of Minnesota's needs.  But, adding a third team into this could entice the deal to move him.  One of the players they are discussing is Thaddeus Young as a replacement.  While a trade with Cleveland is on hold for 30 days after Andrew Wiggins signed his contract, this trade could happen on Day 31 of his contract.  Read more about the report here.

4. Court OK's Sale Of Clippers

In a California court, it was ruled that Shelly Sterling acted properly and can sell the LA Clippers.  While this is not legally binding, this is a huge step in the selling direction.  If the team is not sold before the seasons starts the NBA has the right to auction off the team.  Read more about the case here.

5. NBPA Elects New Executive Director

After Billy Hunter was ousted as the National Basketball Player Association Executive Director in February 2013, there has been a long and lengthy search for a new executive director.  Michele Roberts has been selected as the new executive director.  She is the first female to head a major sports union and she is extremely qualified.  She is a well known Washington D.C. Trial Lawyer and graduated from CAL Law School.  She also works with Harvard Law School.  Chris Paul is the current president of the NBPA.