Jeopardy is a great game show. It's fun for testing who knows more about random trivia among friends right from the comfort of your own home. Occasionally though, it produces moments of head shaking and face palming.

During this year's college tournament this happened:

I love seeing kids represent their schools, the hoodies are always a great touch, but I bet this kid wishes he could've gone button-down and tie after this one.

According to Bleacher Report, the student from LSU is named Kevin Brown. Brown is an Idaho native majoring in environmental engineering, per the Advocate.

ESPN's Mackenzie Thirkill noticed as well:

I don't know how they miss those, "Free Shoes University" might be a tad obscure for today's college student but Derrick Henry just won the Heisman!

Those other two students didn't even flinch either at the questions. Maybe SEC football is fading into obscurity? Or maybe these kids need to be more well-rounded if they're competing on Jeopardy.