Wow, what a difference!

*Editor's Note: I had to look up the old commercials because I couldn't remember if that was their slogan or not; luckily, I was right!*

AirBnb is becoming quite the hub of different, unique, and weird places to stay on your next trip. You can rent the Wienermobile, a castle, a treehouse, and can rent the very last Blockbuster Video store for an end-of-summer sleepover.

Now, of course, the last Blockbuster store in the world isn't in the mitten state; it's in Bend, Oregon. If you can make it out there, you can book one of three nights that are available in September.

On 8/17 at 1PM PT, we’re inviting movie lovers from the area to request to book one of these three, one-night stays that will take place on 9/18, 9/19 and 9/20 for up to four people.

Let's talk about the BEDSPREAD for a second. Am I the only one who always wanted one of those? DJ on Full House had one and I begged my parents for one for Christmas but they couldn't find it anywhere.

Also, UNLIMITED CANDY? Who's really going to get any sleep while they're watching Forrest Gump on VHS and noshing on Milk Duds?

Now, here's the rub - COVID-19 sucks and, right now, the host is only accepting local applicants. That's NOT to say that non-Oregonians will never be able to rent it out; just not right at the moment.

Since none of us Michiganders can rent it, here are some pictures so that you can live vicariously. Either way, I'm still stuck on that amazing 90s bedspread.

You Can Rent the World's Last Blockbuuster on Airbnb

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