After a week of no basketball, the sporting world will now turn it's gaze to the Bay Area because the wait is almost over. A few short hours from now the NBA finals will finally get underway.

Curry, Thompson and Green's upstart Warriors team against LeBron James and the "by-the-numbers" ragtag crew of the Cleveland Cavaliers set to compete for the world championship.

With an NBA finals that has all the ingredients for juicy story lines and the star power to keep even the most remote sports fan tuned in, how do the on-air staff of WVFN see it all playing out?

David "Mad Dog" Demarco: Cavaliers in 7; MVP: LeBron James
LeBron James that would be why, he's the best player in the world. I know Golden State is the better team but I pick the underdogs, I always do.

Producer Zak: Warriors in 6; MVP: Klay Thompson
This setup reminds me a lot of 2004. A full depth starting five of the Pistons (Warriors) take on the star power of the Lakers (Cavs; LeBron James). Klay Thompson shakes off his head injury and goes off while Cleveland focuses on containing Curry and Green.

Tim "The Dean" Staudt: Warriors in 7; MVP: Stephen Curry
Golden State has the home court advantage and they don't lose at home, I'm rooting for Cleveland though, with my northeastern Ohio roots.

Brock Palmbos: Warriors in 6; MVP: Draymond Green
The Warriors depth is too much, Cleveland has too many guys missing, LeBron can't win it all by himself.

Brandon Howell: Warriors in 5; MVP: Stephen Curry
Everyone says Cleveland has the best player but Steph Curry has been the true best player this season. Plus the Warriors are just too deep for Cleveland to handle.

Nick Chase: Warriors in 6; MVP: Stephen Curry
Golden State is the more complete package, top to bottom.

Well there you have it. Think you know what's going to happen? What are some of your predictions? Are you with Mad Dog in the Cleveland camp or is it all aboard the Warriors train? Who's your MVP? Who raises the Larry O'Brien trophy? Sound off below.