Here comes Halloween. I love this time of year for lots of reasons. I love the fact that my kids get to dress up in costumes and they will embark on a journey to replenish the candy jar at home. All kidding aside, I love the excitement I get to witness with my kids and the other kids while out trick or treating.

Trick or treating was always a mission for me. Like you, I tried to score the most candy in the two hour time frame the city allowed us. We sprinted from house to house trying to fill up our pillow cases. Two hours of non stop adrenaline while hopped up on sugar usually ended in a successful candy hunt.

A few weeks ago I wrote a story about the Best Halloween Candy. The top 5 on the list of "best" candy were:

5. Butterfinger - a peanut butter crunch bar covered in chocolate. I like freezing these before I eat them.

4. KitKat - the wafer candy covered in chocolate. Their snack size bars at Halloween are good size. It's a Halloween staple for sure.

3. Snickers - Snickers literally satisfies. It's a good treat but if you are working hard hustling for candy, a Snickers might be good nourishment while you are out trick of treating.

2. Twix - chocolate and caramel covered cookies? What's not to like? If you have extra this Halloween, I'll take them off your hands.

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - peanut butter and chocolate. It's a win!

Of course after Halloween has ended and the remnants remain of the successful candy score, there are some candies that you will always find that kids and parents don't like. Being a parent, I usually end up with raisins, Neco Wafers or something nasty.

According to, here are the worst candy items.

22 Worst Halloween Candies of All Time

22. Wax Lips - what were they thinking when they created these?

21. Almond Joy/Mounds - personally I like Almond Joy and Mounds. Should've been on the "best" list.

20. 3 Musketeers - there were more of these handed out when I was a kid vs. today. Still a good candy bar in my opinion.

19. Hard grandma candies - save those for when the family comes over to sit on the davenport.

18. SweeTarts - again, why are these on the "bad" list. I love Sweetarts. Sugar tablets for kids, what could go wrong?

17. Bootleg gummies - this is anything gummy that isn't made by Haribo, I have to agree with this.

16. Candy corn - this is the absolute last, go to candy at Halloween. We eat what we can until our jaws are tired.

15. Fireballs - I like these candies but are not the candy I am eating first.

14. Tootsie Rolls - loved em as a kid, not a fan now. The kids at home don't care for them either.

13. Pixy Stix - pure sugar to consume. I still like them as an adult but would go for a Almond Joy before a Pixy Stix.

12. Bazooka Gum - it was fun to get at the barber shop when I was a kid, the comics were ok. Terrible gum nowadays for me nowadays.

11. Fun Dip - dip a sugar stick into sugar. The stick part has a subtle taste and the sugar is just like Pixy Stix. Last to go in the bag at Halloween.

10. Sixlets - two weeks ago I bought a Sixlet. Yeah, I'm good. I don't need anymore coming home in the kids' bags.

9. Good & Plenty - don't be fooled by the pretty colors, they still taste like garbage.

8. Hot Tamales - are we inadvertently getting our kids ready for shots of Fireball?

7. Non-Laffy Taffy - Laffy Taffy is good, anything else is playing for a distant second place.

6. Mary Janes - this peanut butter taffy with a "smooth" center is for the birds. If you want to step back in the way back machine, munch on one of these and see what memories pop up.

5. Bit-O-Honey - honey taffy with almonds. My dad used to eat these like I would eat a Snickers. Nothing but tooth issues if you have rotten teeth.

4. Dubble Bubble - rock hard gum that nobody wants. Do better.

3. Smarties - why the hate on Smarties? My favorite Smartie was the white one. Oh wait, they all taste the same.

2. Anything that isn’t candy - pretzels, apples, fruit snacks, bags of nuts? Seriously, let the parents be the food police.

1. Necco Wafers - Necco Wafers were a favorite of my mom, I gladly handed them over to her when I got done trick or treating. I was not a fan.

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