Well, the sentence for " Deflategate" is in and Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady Was hit with a curveball.

Roger Goodell and the NFL gave Brady a four game suspension and took away their first and forth round draft choice and also fined them a $1 million dollars.

This to me is a farce. The NFL and the head honcho, Roger Goodell, are trying to flex some muscles. This stems from the footballs that Brady uses in the games being under inflated for his own personal use. Well, believe it or not, there is a rule in place that the football all have to have the same air pressure.

So what happened was a team in the NFL alerted the referees that Brady's footballs are not regulation. Thus, the Patriots still had gone to the Super Bowl and won it with footballs that were regulation. It has never been proven that he told two equipment guys to deflate these footballs. But these guys wouldn't have done this on their own.

When this is all said and done, it's a joke, but cheating is cheating. Brady isn't the first NFL quarterback to ever do this and it's the NFL referees' job to check these footballs on a regular basis. Because each NFL team has to supply their own footballs.

This is unbelievable.