I don't normally go around shouting the praises of U of M but this is very well deserved. U of M was named #1 in the Big 10 by an app I have never heard of!

Not for sports but for community service. It was the Michigan athletes who were voted 10th in the nation and #1 in the Big 10 by the Helper Helper app. More than 100 division 1 athletic programs use the app. The combined men's programs ranked #4 and the combined women's programs ranked #5.

The Wolverine student athletes performed over 2,300 hours at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor and over 500 hours to the VA in Ann Arbor.

A few years ago, my niece was battling cancer at Mott's. One of the University of Michigan football players stopped in to see her. It was Devin Gardener, the former quarterback from Inkster. He asked if she wanted to get a picture. She was such a little Spartan she said "No Thanks. I don't want my picture taken with a Wolverine"

He smiled and was cool about it but my brother insisted they get a picture. I always think fondly of Devin Gardener for that.

I was also hospitalized a the U of M hospital. In 2000, I was in an electric accident and was in their Intensive Care Unit for a few days before being moved to the trauma burn unit. They were so great at U of M, they didn't even mind me wearing my Spartan gear as MSU won the National Title in basketball as I was recovering. Click here to see MY full story. 

Congrats Wolverines and great job!

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