As you all know, because of the pandemic around the world there are absolutely no sports. From high school to college to the professional ranks. Then there are the individual sports. For instance, golf, tennis, horse racing and even professional corn hole tournaments.

I’m 60 years old. I have been doing sports radio for over 24 years. People always ask me, “what do you have to talk about?” I say you have to get very creative. That’s what I have done.

We talk with local merchants who are trying to stay afloat. We talk to many fine sports writers, current and retired athletes and coaches. I’m first and foremost an entertainer.

So, what is the fanatical sports fan watching? Not much! I would say the ardent fan is watching past games, following their teams transactions, seeing when professional sports will come back. But, most of all, they're watching "The Last Dance" about the Chicago Bulls Sunday night on ESPN.

The sports fans in America are wild, intense, rabid, loud, obnoxious, funny, and of course smart. I don’t know when any sports will come back, but I guarantee you, all of the fans will be ready for any type of sports. All we can do is wait this one out.

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