It finally is going to happen. Major League Baseball will expand instant replay to review close calls starting this season. This is how it works: each manager will be allowed to challenge at least one call per game. If the manager is right he gets another challenge. After the seventh inning, a crew chief can request on his own if the manager has used his challenges.

I am very happy that this has finally happened. The baseball purists always say that the human element will be taken out of baseball, if instant replay is brought in. The MLB Commisioner Bud Selig should have done this years ago. Selig, has a lot of fans and I'm not one of them!

Instant replay is going to give the umpires an advantage they never had before. Now they will have extra help to get the call right . All reviews will done by current MLB umpires at a replay center in's New York office. This will be perfect for the fan's and the entire game. Bud Selig, will retire after this year so he wants to leave a positive influence as his legacy.