With Major League Baseball (MLB) announcing on Wednesday that if there's no deal on a new collective bargaining agreement by February 28th (next Monday), they will start canceling regular season games (set to begin on March 31st).

But that got me thinking...Will you even care if there's no MLB in 2022??

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Now, this has happened before, on a limited basis.  Remember the ridiculous strike in 1994??  Where the players walked out in August of that year and took away the World Series for the first time in 90 years?  There was no baseball from August 12th of that year until the following April.  Some people have never forgiven all parties involved, even to this day.

This current dispute has many branches to it (more money for younger players, arbitration, changes to free agency, etc.).  But it all comes back to one thing...MONEY...and to divvy it up fairly between the owners and the players.

So, let's say that there's no MLB on March 31st.  Will that bother you?  What if the lockout drags into April?  Will you go into withdrawl?  Or will you find something else to follow during that time?

Well in April, there are plenty of events to follow and get excited about.  In the early part of the month is college basketball's Final Four (both men and women).  It is the climax of the college basketball season.  That's followed by...a tradition unlike any other...The Masters (golf's first major of the year) in Augusta, Georgia the week after the Final Four.

Then later on in the month, it's the start of two of the greatest tournaments in sports.  The NBA Playoffs and the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.  And both are great because every game matters.

And around the Lansing area, you'll have high school spring sports as well as Michigan State baseball and softball (who are off to decent starts this year).  And of course, there's the Lansing Lugnuts, which is unaffected by the current MLB lockout.

So, if you don't have MLB at the start of the season, will you care?  Does the money involved just turn you off?  And because of that, do you just stop caring and turn your attention to other events I just mentioned?

Let us know!!  We want to hear you comments on this.

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