Tomorrow is a big day for Eldrick ”Tiger” Woods. He has decided he will compete in this year’s  Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Woods has dominated the golf world for the past quarter-century.

His life has been full of a ton of peaks and valleys. He has escaped death at least twice that I know of. Tiger Woods has led an unbelievable life.

If you have never seen the HBO Special Tiger you need to check it out. Tiger has led an intense life. With all of his wine, women, and song. How this guy won as many golf tournaments over the years is just crazy with the life he has led.

Tiger has dialed it down because he had to and his severe car accident last year and the parent he has become. For him to come back this early from his car wreck is destiny. Woods, wouldn’t compete in the sacred Master’s if he couldn’t have a grand showing.

But, that being said this might backfire on him. If it does, to me it’s not a big deal. Because he made the effort. Tiger Woods still is Tiger Woods and his presence alone will draw people to watch the Masters like a moth to a flame.

I’m absolutely fired up that he is trying to compete in this year’s Masters. Can Tiger Woods cut the cake? Or, better yet can he, make the cut and win the whole.

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