Peyton Manning has made a living out of being a great deadeye passer. But on Super Bowl Sunday, the accuracy of Peyton Manning's passes could be altered by the weather. It might not just be the cold, it's the wind that could be a problem. Sunday's forecast calls for gusts at 8-10 miles an hour.

MetLife Stadium, has a reputation for its intense wind gusts. Don't forget Manning, 37, has had multiple neck surgeries. He has had bad games in windy conditions, I know, hard to believe with this Hall of Fame quarter back.

Peyton Manning has thrown five touchdowns and nine interceptions in eight starts when the wind is over 14 mph. The harder a pass is thrown, the less it is knocked down by the wind. It might be the wind or the elements that could be a problem for Manning, not The great Seahawks defense.

Wind or light wind, this will be challenge for both quarterbacks. Manning, and the Seahawks Russell Wilson. It will be the coldest Super Bowl in History. I like everyone else wants this to be a memorable game, for the ages and rabid fans around the world.