It looks like the Major League Baseball season is going to happen after all. Everyone is going in that direction, and they will lock in a 60-game season that begins around July 24. That means baseball will be back, and with new rules for the short season.

This might just benefit teams that would have been cellar dwellers all season long. The Tigers have lost over 200 games in two years. They have been absolutely pathetic. They’re in a rebuilding mode. Which means they have stunk! But, as we speak, Major League Baseball says the Detroit Tigers have the sixth best minor league system in all of baseball. Detroit does have some up and coming future outstanding pitchers too. With this short season, they could get hot and do some damage.

Give these young guys a chance to see what they have! I doubt it, but baseball is a funny game. If I were the Tigers, I would pick up Yasiel Puig. He’s an outstanding player and a free agent. Puig is just what the Tigers could use with this short season for a shot in the arm. Why go into the season to get clobbered? You should play to win!

The Tigers have done well drafting players the last three years. They have high draft picks because they have been so lousy the past three years. When the Tigers get the green light to play, they should really try and take advantage of the short season. This could be very interesting and there's a chance for some lower tier teams to win with the pandemic short season. I guess we will see who this will benefit. Let’s play ball!

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