I’ve lived in Lansing my entire life. I attended CMU and lived in Mt. Pleasant for five years back in the ’80s. My family had a business in this solid city for over 75 years. But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why the city government lets these people panhandle money on street corners all over the city.

This is absolutely an eyesore, to say the least. This has grown into epidemic proportion going back to Virg Bernero and all the way into the Schor years. Both mayors have never addressed this, and if they have, I never heard of it. I asked Virg multiple times about this, and he always skirted the issue.

These people, I believe, are in some sort of club and are working indirectly with someone. I always thought panhandling, vagrancy, and harassing motorists was against the law. But, obviously, in Lansing, Michigan it’s alright to beg motorists for money and come up to the cars and scare elderly people. This is unacceptable in anyone’s book.

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It’s like this city government is afraid to tackle this issue. These people are a nuisance to motorists. I have heard people tell me this goes on in other cities. Well, I don’t live in another city. I live in Lansing. These people are getting more brazen too. They don’t even have I will work for money signs anymore. It’s just, "give me money I’m down on my luck." Well, there are a ton of jobs out there. Get one! Or get some sort of assistance or help.

This is a very bad look for this city. When will somebody take care of the issue and discourage these people from hanging out on street corners panhandling for money?

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