The NFL is considering eliminating extra-point kicks after touchdowns. Are you serious? This is a foolish idea. The commissioner of the NFL said the extra-point is almost automatic , the league is really considering this.

This is crazy, they are considering a touchdown is worth seven points automatically when scored. This is the kicker, you could go for an eighth point , by passing or running the ball. If you fail, you would go back to six points. This is not football, its a possible rule no one will like.

There are issues to work out, like if teams will go for two. Why are they even  possibly going to do this? Because eliminating the extra-point is an unnecessary delay in the action. The extra-point could become a dinosaur. If Roger Goodell, caves to this reason, he is making a large mistake. How can you ban an extra-point? Let's work on head injuries, something that's important. Some coaches really believe its a delay they can do without. Football needs the extra-point, its part of the game.