Now that the Detroit Pistons are moving downtown is their team going to get better? I really don't see this franchise getting better. the NBA Lottery was last night and they got the 12th pick in the draft. The Pistons owner is from the state of Michigan and out of MSU. Tom Gores is that man. Gores is a millionaire over and over. He lives in Beverly Hills, California and hangs out with movie stars. This franchise smells!

The Detroit Pistons are not where they should be. Their G.M. and head coach Stan Van Gundy has been paid very well and he hasn't paid dividends. This team needs many things to play with the big boys, like better players. I really feel Tom Gores wants a winner but he has to continue to strive for greatness.

The Bad Boys with Isiah, Laimbeer, Rodman and head coach Chuck Daly made NBA history. Then, years later with Mr. Big Shot, Sheed, and head coach Larry Brown these teams were greatness. I don't feel that the current Pistons can cut the cake and be a contender in the near future. Stan Van Gundy seems to be a good basketball man but, this ream is not a threat at all. So they will have a new home downtown with the Wings will it make a difference?

Bill Laimbeer looks on
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