So, we're two days away from the first round of the NFL Draft and we're another day closer to finding out who your gridiron heroes, the Detroit Lions, are going to take with the second overall pick.  As you know, the Jacksonville Jaguars have the first pick.

The big question is:  If the Jaguars take Georgia defensive end Travon Walker with the first pick (as has been widely speculated in recent days), do the Lions pick Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson (pictured above) with the second pick?

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Here are the reasons why I think they will (assuming Walker goes to JAX):


The Lions have needed an outside pass rusher for YEARS, if not DECADES!!!  If you have an elite pass rusher, you entire defense becomes so much better.  Your secondary doesn't have to cover wide receivers quite as long as before.  And if he's really elite, you other defensive linemen and linebackers become a lot better.  See the Los Angeles Rams with Aaron Donald.

Three years ago, I wanted the Lions to tank so they could take Ohio State's Chase Young in the first round.  That's who the Detroit Lions still need on their team, or someone like him.


I'm not talking about pressure on the quarterback, I'm talking about pressure on the team to take the local product.  Hutchinson was a star at Michigan.  He was the Heisman Trophy runner-up in 2021 (behind Alabama's Bryce Young).  He helped Michigan win the Big Ten title and get a berth in the College Football Playoff.

If the Lions don't pick him at 2 and Aidan becomes a star someplace else, the Lions will have egg on their face....AGAIN!!!  Let me explain further..


They open themselves up to criticism just like they did in 1998 when they didn't take Randy Moss with their first pick (who ended up in the Hall of Fame), and took defensive back Terry Fair.  The public relations hit the Lions took got even worse once Moss turned out to be as great as he was.  It could be a PR nightmare if they pass on Hutchinson and he becomes a Pro Bowler someplace else.

For those three reasons, I believe they'll take Hutchinson.  The Lions have lots of needs, mostly on defense. He would help fill one of those gaping holes.

What do you think?  Let us know!

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