Well, another season for the Detroit Lions means a lot of hopeful Lions fans. The Detroit Lions have been a complete joke for over 50 years. I hate to be blunt but that's the truth. The Lions have just smelled for many years. But, as always everyone says is this there year? It's a whole new season, so optimism is sky high.

The Lions are under new leadership. Bob Quinn is in his second season as their general manager and executive vice president. He came from a great franchise with the New England Patriots. Quinn, was there for at lest 15 years with all their greatness. Hopefully, that will transcend in the upcoming years with the Lions franchise. He has already made some outstanding moves with free agency and the draft.

The kicker on all of this is from the quarterback position. Matt Stafford is a veteran quarterback with not a lot post season appearances. Hopefully, this will change this season. Stafford, is on the cusp of possibly being the highest paid player in the NFL. He is in the right place at the right time. But, this franchise has been awful. Players have to step up and play for post season. The offense will be better and the defense will be a question mark. I will be bold and say the Lions will win their division over Green Bay.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
Leon Halip - Getty Images

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