Well, now that this NFL season is over all Detroit Lions fans are hope full again. The Lions, finally hired an executive that has been with a great franchise. Motown fired all of their top brass. It's seems so far they have made the right hire. Mrs. Ford hired Bob Quinn as their main man. He has cleaned house and dismissed many people who have worked with the Lions for many years. Which should have happened many years ago?

But, now the Detroit Lions have come to many cross roads. Is Calvin Johnson going to retire? Will head coach Jim Caldwell hire new coaches that know what they are doing? Will the Lions have a good NFL Draft? Can Matt Stafford take his Lions team to the Super Bowl?

There are many football fans that would disagree with that. Some people feel he has the talent, but not the surrounding cast. If Calvin Johnson retires this will be a large hit for Stafford and the offense. Also, Stafford has made millions and really not even got close to the Super Bowl. I feel that head coach Jim Caldwell will be on a short leash this year. He has to win, or he will be let go. New G.M. Bob Quinn cut his teeth with the New England Patriots and worked there for years.

This man knows the commitment to win a Super Bowl I really feel when Quinn has been there for some time that the Lions will be a better franchise. Also, I feel that Stafford if healthy can surprise a lot of his naysayers.

Donald Miralle