Miguel Cabrera (pictured) is likely headed to Cooperstown five years after his career ends. He has the Triple Crown of 2012 and back-to-back American League MVP's in '12 & '13, plus a career .313 batting average.

But he will certainly make it there if he can break past two barriers that would automatically put him in the Hall of Fame. Hits and home runs.  He is currently 134 hits away from 3,000 and 13 home runs away from 500. If he makes both of those, he is certainly in.

But will he?  Injuries have become a factor as he has aged that has limited his production (arm, knee, etc.) over the last few years.  So much so, that he was restricted to designated hitter duties in the shortened 2020 season (He only hit .250).

His contract status says he'll reach those milestones ($30 million in 2021, $32 million in both '22 & '23, and he has vesting options for '24 & '25).  But he has stated his desire to play some first base in 2021, what if he gets hurt diving for a ball?  Or he pulls something jogging to first base?

It would be great if he could reach both in 2021.  If not for the positive publicity he and the team would get from those accomplishments.  This Tigers team needs all the good pub they can get!!!

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