I cannot wait until this upcoming NFL season begins.

New head coaches, players, and who will be the 2015 Super Bowl Champions? But the most intriguing question is how will the new Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel perform in the NFL?

The quarterback from Texas A&M won the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore. He also was under investigation by the NCAA for possibly receiving money for his autographs. The NCAA didn't find enough in their investigation, so he only missed the first half of his first game last season.

Johnny Manziel, a.k.a. "Johnny Football," was drafted 22nd by the Browns. Bottom line, the Browns have stunk for years. Now they draft a possible diamond in the rough.

Problem is, will he be the same quarterback as he was at Texas A&M?

Manziel comes with a ton of ego-filled baggage. There will be a lot of NFL veterans who will want to rip his head off.

I feel the Browns organization needs this guy's swagger and ability to get better. But former MSU quarterback Brian Hoyer is their starter. The problem is Hoyer has only five starts in the NFL. Manziel is a very cocky player but so far he has backed it up.

The city of Cleveland hasn't won a pro championship since the early '60s. Can Johnny Manziel play like he did in college and bring a Super Bowl trophy to Cleveland?