This college football season will be very interesting with the Michigan Wolverines. This will be a totally different situation for head coach Jim Harbaugh. This man is under the microscope and on the hot seat.

It has been no picnic for Harbaugh since returning to Ann Arbor as their Head Coach. Everyone thought when he was hired years ago that the King was finally here. Not so fast! This guy was one of the highest-paid coaches in all of college football. Michigan hasn’t ever been to the Big Ten Championship in Indy. This is unacceptable for all of the Michigan faithful.

Michigan also has never beat Thee Ohio State since Jim Harbaugh has become their head coach. Again, very unacceptable!

Harbaugh was hired to win Big Ten Championships and National Championships too. His record is very decent, but he hasn’t beat Ohio State or gotten to any Championship Bowl games. The University of Michigan gave him a new contract, but it’s much different than the last one.

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I can’t wait to see how his team responds to this year with new coaches too. When Harbaugh first took over, he was always in the media. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of this guy in the media.

So all we can do is wait and see how they play. Michigan opens up with four home games in a row. Can Jim Harbaugh cut the cake?

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