Well, the Detroit Lions lost again last night in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers bounced back and took the Lion's defense out again. The Lions lost 35-17 last night and didn’t even cover the 11 points with the spread.

They need to get better players in the next few years through the draft. Also, through free agency. This is a deadweight franchise that has to get better sooner not later.

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The Head Coach Dan Campbell has said a lot of rhetoric that has no meaning if you can’t win. Don’t keep talking about the aggressive mindset and we’re going to do this and that and keep losing.

This act has already gone stale. I really always look for the silver lining with the Lions and it’s always is bleak. This is just a franchise that needs better players and soon.

I will give Campbell a couple more years but he was given a six-year contract. That alone is unbelievable! But, he must have made a solid impression to the powers that be. He hasn’t won a game yet.

Things don’t look good for the Lions this season. But, Campbell got job security and now this cat has to pay heavy dividends. Will Dan Campbell win a game this year? What do you think?

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