Well, the inevitable happened over the weekend. Baseball and all sports have either been paused or cancelled at all levels, but Major League Baseball was hell bent on getting the abbreviated season going. Originally, the plan was to have all the games played in Scottsdale, Arizona. The MLBPA shot that idea down. Then, the owners and players couldn’t come to terms on a fair pay scale and total number of games to be played. Finally, they came to a resolution that everyone was happy with.

The season finally got started last Thursday, but the possibility of players getting sick was still looming over the games and season. Some players opted out and decided not to play at all. With the season underway, though, what happens if players or coaches or anyone else were to get sick with the coronavirus?

The Miami Marlins get crushed with testing positive for the coronavirus. The Marlins played the Phillies in Philadelphia over the weekend. Of course, multiple testings will be going on every day at the ball parks. After the game, at least eleven players and two coaches tested positive for the coronavirus. Since then, four more players tested positive. So the Phillies game Monday in Philly was cancelled because they would have to sanitize the entire stadium inside and out. This is a definite red flag.

Will the season continue, be paused again or just cancelled entirely? My guess is they will grind this out until the pandemic hits other teams as hard as the Marlins. There are over 50 games left. Will the Commissioner Rob Manfred be forced to cancel the season in favor of everyone’s safety? Your guess is as good as mine. For now, it looks like the season will continue with that dark cloud of the coronavirus hovering over!

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