Well, the Baseball Hall of Fame voting is here once again. Barry Bonds had a great career, but it was filled with scandal and turmoil. Barry Bonds finished as the all-time home run champion and he won seven MVP awards. He began his career with the Pittsburgh Pi rates and finished with the San Francisco Giants. Bonds never won a World Series ring, but got close.

Barry Bonds is in the middle of the steroid controversy. He was acquitted of lying to a grand Jury about his PED intake. Many people feel that anyone linked to PED use should not get into the Hall of Fame.

I feel different, because Bonds played when there was no drug policy intact. This PED controversy is old and stale, because Bonds had the big numbers before his involvement. He is a second generation ballplayer with his dad being the late Bobby Bonds.

To me its a slam dunk. Barry Bonds will go down as one of the greatest hitters of all-time. He has a different kind of personality , but your judged on performance not Charm School! Let Bonds in, you earn the Hall of Fame on merit. Barry Bonds is all about greatness but he will need the required 75% of votes to get in. Don't ask Pete Rose his story is much different.