After previously undefeated Wichita State fell in the third round of the NCAA tournament to eighth-seeded Kentucky, many have said the Shockers didn't belong. Critics point to that game as evidence that the Shockers' 35-0 record was fraudulent.

But their epic back-and-forth game with talent-loaded Kentucky proved to the world that they, as a mid-major, belonged and could hand with the nation's best.

When you see a story like this in sports , I can only think of one word: greatness. Wichita State became the first NCAA men's basketball team to win its first 35 games. This team was unbeaten in the regular season. I kept saying that is a great thing, but going into the NCAA tournament unbeaten isn't such a good thing. Why? Because you're more apt for a letdown or upset.

That's what exactly happened. Kentucky was the preseason No. 1 team in the country this season thanks to another batch of NBA-caliber freshmen.

The moral to this little story is this: Anytime a team goes unbeaten in the regular season, you better be ready for a let down. Wichita State is in the record books, but they were a one seed eliminated in the second round of the tournament. They still had a legendary season.