These are strange days in the workplace. Many businesses around the country are experiencing a worker shortage as people have a lack of motivation to go back to jobs after and during the COVID Pandemic.

I know this first-hand because my wife and stepson were forced to close their doors after 21 years in the same location. Of course, that business was Mijo’s Diner. A great place to get great scratch food six days a week. It was time, but the pandemic accelerated the closing. I learned at that time many businesses were to follow, and they did.

The purpose of this article is not to tell you the obvious, but to ask questions. Why are so many businesses struggling to get employees back to work? It is very concerning to me.

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Yeah, I get it with the unemployment situation, but don’t people need to earn money to pay bills? There can be many other unemployment reasons, but sooner or later, this free money will run out. I understand if you owned a business and had to close that you should be compensated by our government. But it seems others have milked the system. Hey, if I’m wrong, I can own up to it. But I think I’m on to something.

Bottom line is some jobs are demanding and at times back-breaking, but they still will pay well. I’m focusing on mostly the restaurant business because I am very credible, experienced, and know the circumstances too.

People are coming back to work little by little but not fast enough. I am a believer that COVID will always be with us and boosters will be the norm. But, just remember you need to pay bills, buy groceries and take care of your family, and unemployment checks will dry up sometime! Please go back to work!

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