One thing that I cannot understand is why some Tigers fans disliked former skipper Jim Leyland.

Leyland managed in Pittsburgh, won a World Championship in Miami, Colorado and of course Detroit. Leyland took the Tigers twice to the World Series against St. Louis and San Francisco.

Jim Leyland's final win-loss record was 1,769-1,728 a .508 winning percentage. To me, that's very strong with all the games he managed. He was 44-40 in postseason, and won a World Series and many divisional pennants.

Jim Leyland was a war horse, a grizzled veteran who was loved by his players. But there are still a lot of fans that hold a moronic grudge against him. People will always question the manager, but in Leyland's case some would question everything. I interviewed Jim Leyland once, and he was great. I told him if I would have played pro-ball, I would have loved to play for him.

The only thing I will ever question Leyland for is why he pulled Max Scherzer twice in the 2013 ALCS versus Boston. One day I may get the chance.

He has managed the likes of Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, Gary Sheffield, Justin Verlander and Miggy, all superstar players. He knew how to handle the ego-driven, high paid athlete and did it perfectly.

Jim Leyland could end up in Cooperstown one day. If you can't understand that, in my mind, you will never understand how this game is played.