The New York Yankees have something very special that the Detroit Tigers do not.

That is an Old Timers' Game. That's where you have a special home game with the current team, and as a pregame honor and have a pickup game with former ballplayers that want and can play and participate.

The Yankees have always had an Old Timers' game. So, why don't the Tiger's have one? It would be huge. You could bring back Kaline, Horton, Morris, Trammel, Gibby, and a whole slew of former great Tigers. This to me is a slam dunk, an all-win situation.

The Tiger organization still could do it this season. There is no doubt that the stadium would be packed. I love this kind of stuff. A great group of former Tigers would draw a ton of fans.Then you could have an autograph session and photos taken.

To me it's really unbelievable that the Tigers don't do this. A lot of the former Tigers are always around so organizing this would be relatively easy. Other players like Cecil, Herndon, Lemon, McClain, Lolich, Petry, and of course "Sweet" Lou.

If you love baseball this concept is for you. So, to a great organization, the Detroit Tigers: Get this done and continue to give back to your fans.