Now is the time for sports beer garden owners to be rejoicing: Football season is finally here.

Yeah, baseball is great. But, it just doesn't have that electric feeling that college and pro football give you. College football will get cranked up this weekend and the NFL regular season gets going next week.

My family owned a restaurant and party store together for almost 85 years. It was at one time a top place to go to for many years. My grandparents founded it many years ago and four brothers ran it for many years. It was four families, who coexisted under great, bad and indifferent conditions. But in the long run they prevailed. This wonderful place was of course called DeMarco's. I will always cherish that time of my life. Working with my late father "Ed" and my uncles Bob, Vic and Jim. Many cousins also. It was my training grounds for when I got older.

Now that I have given you that little history lesson, my point is football is king in any beer garden. The first sports bar in this country was in Detroit. It was called the Lindell A. C. and run by two brothers. Many pro sports figures would go there for many years. So now that high school, college and pro football are back the smart beer garden owners should take advantage of this time to welcome new customers and prosper from this great time of the years.