Last week I  wrote an article about my favorite MSU football player, and that cat was the one and only the late Brad Van Pelt. Brad was just a great all-around player that was the New York Giant player of the ’70s. But, this is about the University of Michigan players.

This shouldn’t be a sore subject with Spartan fans, but I know it will be. There have been so many great players at Michigan over the years. So, my choice has to be just a solid football player who hit guys like a Mack truck. This man’s name is LaMarr Woodley. He was just a great player for the Michigan Wolverines. He was a unanimous All-American at Michigan too.

Woodley played high school football at Saginaw High School and played professional football with the Steelers, Cardinals and Raiders. He was just a solid player for the Michigan Wolverines.

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So, I want to know who your favorite player is for U of M.

This Saturday’s game is one of the most anticipated games in MSU and U of M history. Who’s your favorite U of M player? I’m sure LaMarr Woodley will be watching.

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