I always like to ask sports fans who was the greatest pro-athlete ever to play in Detroit. There are so many great ones it's hard to choose just one.

Could it be the great Hall of fame running back Barry Sanders? Or one of the iconic names in all of sports history like Ty Cobb, Al Kaline, Steve Yzerman, Dave Bing, Isiah Thomas, or Gordie Howe.

All these names in the history of sports were absolute greatness. A lot of young fans wouldn't know a lot of these names. I'm 55 and I know all of them.

My choice is not even close--it's definitely Tyrus Raymond Cobb. No matter what a bad person he may have been, he was that great on a baseball field. He was one of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball. Cobb had a career batting average of .367. He won 12 batting tiles, including 9 in a row from 1907 thru 1915, third all time in stolen bases with 892 and second in runs scored with 2,245.

Ty Cobb was notorious for being just a bad cat, but boy could he hit. Second in career hits with 4,191, behind Pete Rose. Ty Cobb may have been the best all-around baseball player that ever lived.

Ty Cobb was my choice but those other guys we're pure greatness and could be your choice.