It's almost here, the start of this years NFL season. So, who will be the 2018 Super Bowl Champ? The question I'm posing, who is the best quarterback in the NFL and who is the most valuable to their team? Last season, Tom Brady won another Super Bowl but his counter part in that game was Matt Ryan of the Falcons. Ryan was the NFL MVP.

This is a new season and there are plenty of great players. But, who is the best of the best this season. The Pittsburgh Steeler's have a couple with Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger. The Packers have Aaron Rodgers. The Falcons also have Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman. Bottom line the NFL is full of superstar players. So, who is the most valuable to their teams success.

The NFL is a very violent league. Most star players sustain injuries during the coarse of the season. That's why it's such an interesting topic. Most great teams have solid a quarterback, but these players usually get hurt. Solid back up quarterbacks really don't exist in the NFL. Playing that position is one of the most difficult in all of pro sports.

So, we will see this year will it be Cam Newton, Matt Stafford or the players I already have mentioned to be stellar with their teams this year.

Tom Brady, Matt Ryan
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