Everyone that grows up has favorites. I loved sports and the players so much when I was very young. I really followed the teams and the players closely.

When I was in fourth grade, I sent a letter to former Tiger catcher Bill Freehan. He actually sent me back an autographed photo and a letter talking about how to play the catcher position. I was astounded. That was the start and beginning of my love for collectibles and following players and teams.

I was young but memorized ball cards by the hundreds. As I got older, I chose more flamboyant, controversial and the all-time great athletes. Then I had a passion for players who played their sports very aggressively and who were no nonsense So, let me list the guys that I would emulate as a young Mad Dog.

There was Dick Butkus, Dick Allen, “Pistol Pete”, Reggie Jackson, Joe ”Willie “ Namath, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Al Kaline, Roberto Clemente, Bobby Orr, Brooks Robinson, Alex Karras and Sal Bando. These guys were the nucleus of the players I really thought were cool and tough as nails.

Of course when I got older I started getting into music, too. I really got into the Stones, Doors, Bowie, Jimi, The Who and Bob Dylan. All these names, people, bands and athletes are people who molded my love for sports and music. So, I want to know who were your favorites growing up? List them in the comments. Don’t be shy!

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