There is now a great discussion, who was the better two sport superstar at MSU? Yesterday, on the Mad Dog Show that question came up. Who was the better two sport star? Was it Kirk Gibson, Brad Van Pelt or even possibly Andre Rison?

Brad Van Pelt passed away a few years back. He was born and raised in Owosso, Michigan. He was a great athlete and still regarded as one of the best defensive backs in college football history. Kirk Gibson was from Waterford and played Football and baseball at MSU. He was a very aggressive and intense player in both sports. Andre Rison, was a great football player but only played hoop a short time and did run track.

Van Pelt played 14 years in the NFL  and was voted the New York Giants best player of the 70's. Gibson was an outstanding major league player for years and hit two dramatic home runs in two different World Series games. Rison was an excellent wide receiver in the NFL. All of these players are cusp Hall of Famer's in their respective sports.

All I can say is, after sleeping on this I believe Brad Van Pelt and Kirk Gibson are even. They are the two best multi-sport athletes’ ever at MSU. Rison, is very close. What do you think?

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