That had to be the question asked once National Basketball Association (NBA) Commissioner Adam Silver called Mr. Holland's name when the Detroit Pistons picked him with the 5th overall choice in the first round in Wednesday's NBA Draft.

I, and probably a lot of other people, had never heard of Holland until his name was called on Wednesday night.

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So, here are the Cliff Notes on Ron Holland, II...

Holland played for the NBA's G-League Ignite team this just-completed season.  This is one of the team's that 18 year olds can play on before getting drafted at age 19.  And it's for players who did not attend college after high school.  Some guys just don't want to go to school once they get out of high school.

Holland is listed as a small forward, and at 6-7 and less than 200 pounds that is understandable.  He is also recovering from a thumb injury suffered near the end of the G-League regular season.  But he should ready for training camp in October.

He is known as a streak shooter and a "freakish" athlete.  Well, the way the game is played today in the pros, you have to be able to shoot consistenly.  And I question his ability to defend NBA wing players.  If you can't shoot and can't defend in the NBA, you have almost no chance these days.

And with the Pistons inability to defend and score in the 4th quarter, I really wonder about this pick.  When you have the 5th overall pick, he needs to be an impact player in his rookie season.  I don't know if that's going to happen.

Now, if Holland, II turns out to be a really good player, that's a feather in new GM Trajan Langdon's cap.  But if not, it's strike one against him.

But these are the Detroit Pistons, do you even care in the first place?

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