The Detroit Tigers are really waiting to hire a new manager. There are some solid candidates out there, so I don’t understand what they are waiting for. This team needs an experienced manager who can deal and work with the young ballplayers.

The Detroit Tigers really miss leadership from the ownership to the G.M. I will get to the candidates I would hire momentarily. The Tigers could be on the path to lose another 100 games next season. I was really disappointed in their off field moves during the off season and paused season. You can’t keep telling the media and the public "we're rebuilding." There are other teams that have rebuilt their minor league system in a shorter timeline. It’s time to cut bait with their G.M. and bring in the right guy that is up to speed with baseball analytics and old school baseball.

The Ilitch family own the Tigers and one of the sons runs the team. His name is Chris. In pro sports you have to start from the ground up with the farm system and comb the world for athletic ballplayers. Then get a manager who has already dealt with winning with another franchise. I’ve said this time and time again. The Tigers should hire A.J. Hinch, Joey Cora or Ozzie Guillen.

It's rumored that the Tigers are going to hire former utility player of the Tigers Don Kelly. A complete mistake if they do. He has not had enough experience and hasn’t done enough to get the job. I’m sure he’s a solid cat, but don’t hire a guy who will be bland and learn on the job.

All three of the guys I stated come with some baggage, but who doesn’t have some. Both Hinch and Cora were involved with the sign stealing scandal with Houston and Boston, but they paid their penance. Guillen on the other hand is a little trickier to hire. He would have to tone down his outbursts. But all three of these guys have won World Series championships with the teams they all managed.

Just get the right guy in there and sprinkle the roster with a couple of solid free agents.

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