Well, I asked all of you who had the best pizza in town. Now, I'm going to insist all of you great food crushers tell us who has the best hamburger in Lansing. There have been restaurants, beer gardens, diners, pubs, and bars that have come and gone. Everyone will and can be a critic when it comes to any food. But I have made thousands of hamburgers in my life, so I can be a pretty strong judge in this area.

Hamburgers can be enormous or slider size. Hamburgers can be beef, and mixed with other meats or ground steak. The toppings can be very plentiful too. Many vegetables, along with mustards, ketchup, mayo, relish, sauces and just about anything under the sun. Do you like your burger grilled, broiled, or fried? People all over the world love burgers.

Here's a list of facilities that serve outstanding hamburgers -- so, just like pizza if I missed yours I apologize. How about:

  • Mijo's Diner
  • Westgate
  • Corey's
  • The Mayfair
  • Frank's
  • Reno's
  • Tony M's
  • The Waterfront Bar
  • Dagwood's
  • Darb's
  • Crunchy's
  • Olympic Broil
  • Nip N' Sip
  • South Reily Tavern
  • The Green Door
  • The Draft House
  • Kewpee's
  • Jimmy's Pub
  • Kelly's
  • Leroy's
  • The Riv

Personally I will always be partial to a DeMarco's steak sandwich with mushrooms. Tell us who has the best in your mind. Eat it up.