So what is Eldrick Tiger Woods up to these days? The Masters in Augusta, Georgia is just a few weeks away. It's still not conclusive if he will be playing in the first major of the year. How is his health? What has he been doing? Who is he hanging with? These are all questions only a few have answers for.

At one time no one could touch Tiger in the greatness department. But these days and many injuries he has turned into Casper the Ghost. Woods has been on a milk carton for the past couple years. He hasn't won a major in years, and has had multiple injuries and surgery. He is a non-factor in the polarizing area too.

Tiger Woods has gone from greatness to irrelevant. Since his personal life unraveled for a while, life has probably calmed down a little. This cat has earned millions and paid millions to his ex-wife. It's not worth going into to Woods personal life, but that coupled with all his injuries have put him on the shelf.

All the endorsements and golf winnings have somewhat calmed down. Woods is still a fan favorite, but I doubt he will ever beat Jack Nicklaus's all-time major’s record. Where or where is the great Tiger Woods?

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