I have been a sports radio host for almost 25 and a half years. During that time period, I have had to endure a lot of crazy things. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been driven to prove people wrong. It’s become a passion and an obsession too.

I have interviewed big-name sports people, but that’s only part of the job. Then there is securing great businesses as sponsors. A lot of former hosts never understood that. You need outstanding long-lasting sponsors to survive in sports talk radio.

Then you have the people who get on social media platforms and create false things about the hosts and other callers. But I have really taught myself not to pay attention to garbage on social media.

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I've been wondering, though, where is sports radio going in the coming years? There used to be many shows just in the Lansing area alone, which is considered market 129 in the USA. But these hosts and shows have come and gone for whatever reasons.

Sports radio on a national level has changed too. I don’t know that it's for the better either. Just because a guy played pro ball doesn’t mean he’s going to be a solid and entertaining host on a sports radio show. I have been listening to some of these high-paid hosts for years and I don’t see it. Must be they have friends in high places and good agents.

As a whole, sports radio can be entertaining. I would say I could be a credible judge after doing this for such a long time. People have to understand that they need to make their shows more entertaining, not boring!

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