The 2019 NFL Draft is Thursday through Saturday and the Detroit Lions have 9 picks.  Here is where you can watch the coverage and see where the Lions pick.

This year the NFL Draft will be aired on the NFL Network and ESPN as usual.  New this year ABC will have coverage of the three days of the draft.

Thursday night will be round 1,  Friday will be rounds 2 and 3 and Saturday will be the final rounds 4 through 7.

According to the Lions,  they will begin the draft with the number 8 pick in round 1.

Day two will see the Lions pick 11th in the 2nd round and 25th in the third.  The final rounds will see the Lions with six picks total.

Pick 9 in the 4th round, the 8th in round 5.  They round out the draft with picks 11 and 32 in the 6th round and 10 & 15 in the 7th.

As usual with the draft the Lions could make trades so the picks may change.  What do you want to see the Lions do with their first pick?

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