Look, if you're from Lansing, you know what I'm talking about. You're wrapping up a great day with friends or family, doing some shopping at the Lansing mall, and on your way out, you see it. The Giraffe over the gas station.

The statue stands at over ten-feet tall, and it's been there for a long time too. We never went that way often when I was a kid, but anytime we'd go past it, you knew exactly where you were.

However, if you've driven past it lately, you might notice something...It's not actually there anymore.

A post was shared to Facebook the other day, which read:

"we’re receiving reports that the west side Meijers gas station giraffe has been removed from its natural habitat and placed in a small enclosure. we’ll keep you posted as the story develops,"

So far, that single post has been shared more than 500 times.

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And people are upset too! They even created a petition to bring the giraffe back. 

Meijer did actually respond to the concern, as people were genuinely upset that giraffe had disappeared. And with good reason too! The Giraffe has been something Lansing area residents have driven past now, for 50 years.

The West Saginaw Meijer store director, did reach out, and express to local residents that they've got nothing to fear.

“The Giraffe has been a local landmark for more than 50 years, so keeping it safe is a priority as we continue the remodel project for our West Saginaw store’s Express location,” said Jeremiah Hernandez, store director of the West Saginaw Meijer. “We know how much the community values it being part of their Meijer shopping experience and expect the Giraffe to return later this fall.”

The store is currently undergoing a remodel, as are a few other Mid-Michigan area Meijer's, after which you can expect to see the giraffe return.

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