I attended the Tigers and Blue Jays game on Saturday night at Comerica Park in Motown. This is the third game I’ve attended all year. I knew something was missing and Saturday night I figured it out. There are no vendors in the stands.

Obviously, it's because of COVID. The ballpark just doesn’t seem the same without vendors. The yelling of the vendor is missed. Vendors screaming red hot get your red hot! Fans know they're pushing hot dogs in the stands. Then, the vendors pushing ice cream, drinks and peanuts in the stands.

The vendors make the ball games, but due to COVID, they have eliminated all vendors cruising the stands for right now. I knew there was something not right and it hit me during the game.

Vendors have been a part of baseball forever. Also, don’t forget people have earned a lot of money during these baseball seasons. This COVID has really put a damper on everything including vendors during the baseball games. Hopefully, in time, they will be able to bring back the vendors and change the rules back to normal with the game itself.

I don’t like the rules of starting an extra-inning game with a man at second base to start the tenth inning. I also don’t like make-up doubleheaders being only seven-inning games but fans having to pay for a nine-inning game.

COVID has really done a number for sports and employment. Vendors have to get back into the stands and push their wares. They need to get back to work and make it a ball game atmosphere again!

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