Last night at the Oscars, they had a very tumultuous situation between Will Smith and Chris Rock.

Chris Rock hosted the 2022 Oscars in Hollywood. Of course, he is a veteran comedian and I thought a friend of Will Smith’s. But that wasn’t the case last night. Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair which was inappropriate. Jada is of course married to Will Smith, and she has struggled with alopecia. So Rock’s joke wasn’t funny at all.

Smith took things into his own hands and went up on stage at this live event and slapped Rock in the face very hard. A lot of people think it was a staged act, but I’m not buying that. Chris Rock was shaken up from Smith popping him in the face.

My point is, yeah Rock’s joke was not called for but Smith didn’t need to go on stage and hit him. Then Smith dropped a few F-bombs at the event. He was out of control, and what was more amazing is that he won an Oscar later that evening. Tell me that’s not unbelievable! Rock is not going to press charges against Smith either.

This article all boils down to going back to a few weeks ago when the head basketball coach of the Michigan Wolverines, Juwan Howard, hit an assistant coach for the  Wisconsin Badgers. Nothing really happened to him. He was docked pay and missed 4-5 games. Just like with Will Smith. Probably nothing will happen to him either.

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So now if a celebrity gets upset at something and hits someone it's ok? In my books, it’s not ok. No matter what your status is. This is an anger situation and usually, these people know nothing will come of their actions. Or they will just pay somebody off. So they just give a weak written apology after the blowup and it is iced over. This double standard is surely growing old with celebrities. Maybe I’m wrong, but there are some valid points here too! What do you think?

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