Now that MSU football is about to begin that means bars, pubs, restaurants, beer gardens and diners will profit. After MSU basketball was so abruptly eliminated in basketball last season these places of business suffered. I know many places were counting on MSU hoop to make a deep run into March Madness. But, it's now another sports season.

My family was in business for almost 70 years and we catered and were deeply involved with MSU athletics. We would entertain group parties and coaches all the time coming to DeMarco's. I would remember as a youngster the legendary Duffy Daughtery coming to my family business a lot. Many different MSU athletes and coaches always loved coming to DeMarco's. We loved indirectly to be a sports bar, but we really weren't.

Now that MSU football is starting up with Mark Dantonio's tenth season a lot of anticipation is around. My feelings are MSU will be a very good team again in 2016. But, will they win the Big Ten again that's the question. All I know is all places of business prosper when MSU athletics wins and they have been winning for a while now. Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio are winners. That’s why their programs have been successful.

I will always cherish my early life at DeMarco's Bar and Grocery. We really enjoyed MSU athletics during the good and bad times.